Dungeon Floor Tile - Set of 4

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Complete set of 4 dungeon tiles.
This set of 4 cylinders allows you to quickly build a dungeon floor. Also check out our other cylinders for such things as the walls of your dungeon.

The Dungeon Floor tile series helps you to quickly make floor plans for your dungeons/castles/houses etc. The tile grid is 1” by 1” (2.5 x 2.5 cm) Combine this cylinder with the other floor tile structures and wall cylinders to make your own unique dungeon lay out!

Complete set of 4 dungeon tiles.

  • Large
  • brick size: variable, height 127 mm, diameter: 32 mm
  • price: € 22,95

Hard foam Structure Cylinder series
These cylinders are designed for texturing hard foam. The cylinders are made out of a hard shock proof plastic. The structure in each cylinder is deep and the lines are sharp in order to get a perfect result even with less pressure.


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