Angle Connector Tool with Angle Clamp Set

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Angle Connector Tool  with Angle Clamp Set

The Angle Connector helps you to cut perfect angles on either side of a sheet in order to make perfect corners in 45/36/30/22.5 degree angles, creating square, pentagon, hexagon and oxtagon shapes.
Along with the tool itself a set of clamps (1 for each of the 4 different angles) is included.

Note: This tool comes as a building kit. You need wood glue to assemble it.
Building instructions are included as well as a tutorial on how to use it.

Also check out the add-on items for this tool.

Watch the Angle Connector Tool and how to use the clambs on YouTube:
Angle Connector Tool (English version)
Gehrungsschneider + Klebehilfe (Deutsche version)


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